Why Us



Why choose Affinity? There are other diamond dealers in Sydney, but at Affinity we offer an unmatched service, free from pressure or hard sales tactics. Feel free to compare our product with those of other diamond dealers, but all Affinity jewellery guarantees you full satisfaction,the best service and value for your money. We encourage you to bring your piece back once a year for a complimentary cleaning, polishing and inspection to keep it looking as it did on your wedding day. Diamonds are an expensive investment, so it’s worth keeping them in tip-top condition. Affinity is also one of the few diamond dealers open to the public that actually operates its own workshop, rather than sending your ring overseas to be manufactured. This means that you can see your jewellery being made from start to finish. It’s an amazing and interesting process!


What is the Affinity difference? At Affinity,we don’t sell, we teach. We empower our clients with all the tools they need to choose the most beautiful diamond possible. Buying a diamond can be a daunting experience. Reading and researching online is no substitute for learning how to recognise the characteristics of an actual diamond, so at Affinity, we show you. When you choose your diamond with us, we will show you what the Four C’s look like with examples of real diamonds. We don’t sell stock over the counter like a retail store, rather we help you create the perfect piece of jewellery to suit your personality and budget. Our expertise, combined with your ideas and imagination will ensure that your ring is a unique, precious piece to last a lifetime. And if you are having trouble visualising your piece, you can work with one of our jewellery designers and help bring your ideas to life.


What is the process? Firstly, you will meet with one of our diamond experts in our Sydney rooms to go through diamond selection and learn about the Four C’s. During this meeting we will also discuss ring designs and approximate pricing. During the second meeting, we will spend more time on design. Bring in sketches, photos, magazine clippings or printouts of any ideas you have. You can meet with one of our designers and come up with a detailed sketch for the design. During this meeting, we will look through a shortlist of diamonds that meet your tighter specifications. On the third visit, you will check the ring half way through production to ensure the design is on the right track, before the final visit. This is when you will see the finished piece and we take the item to an independent valuer to have the piece assessed. Remember, diamonds are forever!