Engagement Rings


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It’s all about the rock. The engagement ring that is. Whether it’s going to be a surprise, or you pick out the ring together, this will be the most significant piece of jewellery you ever give or receive. So it’s best to get it right first time!

Engagement rings have been used to signify betrothal for hundreds of years. It expresses love, fidelity, promise and is an extension of the wearer’s personality.

Being the hardest naturally-occurring mineral, diamonds are the obvious choice for an engagement ring, both symbolically and practically. In symbolic terms, the diamond is almost impossible to destroy – it acts as an emblem for the strength of the relationship.

In practical terms, a diamond is simply the best choice for a ring that will be worn every day. It is almost impossible to chip, is resistant to heat, chemicals and the general wear and tear of everyday life. A diamond well cared-for will look as good in 50 years time as the day it was first worn.

At Affinity, our diamond experts and master jewellers will work with you to craft the perfect diamond engagement ring. We can create an individual design in our Sydney rooms, or hand-make a ring which you may already have in mind. Working in platinum, 18ct white, yellow or rose gold, we ensure the finest details are prefect so that the diamond engagement ring is exactly to your specifications. It will look incredible and fit exactly as a bespoke ring should.

Below is a selection of current designs from our showroom. Of course we also offer a design service to create your own individual piece.