While white or colourless stones are traditionally used in diamond engagement rings, diamonds are found in a wide spectrum of colours. Engagement ring diamonds are graded from D to Z, with D being the prized colourless diamond. The hue of D, E and F coloured diamonds is difficult to differentiate to the untrained eye, but the amount of colour becomes more apparent as the alphabet progresses. Z graded diamonds are a pale yellow or brown colour, and anything falling outside of this range is considered a fancy coloured diamond. The colour of the metal in a mounting can either mask or enhance the diamond colour. Yellow gold makes slightly yellow or brown diamonds appear more colourless. If a diamond is mounted in white gold or platinum, the colour becomes more apparent

Color Grade Description On Unaided Eye Inspection
Colorless Colorless Stone looks absolutely clear and transparent, with no hint of color.
Near Colorless Near Colorless Stone looks clear and transparent. Color will be noticeable by experts only when compared to diamonds of better grades.
Faint yellow Faint yellow Color slightly detectable and will be noticeable by experts only.
Very Light yellow Very Light yellow Stone shows an increasing yellow tint, even to an untrained eye.
Light yellow Light yellow Stone appears yellow, even to an untrained eye.
Fancy Fancy Bright, remarkable color – usually blue, pink, yellow, Red etc.


Fluorescence is not formally a colour grading term. Many diamonds glow when exposed to light which contains relatively high amounts of ultraviolet. This is due to a natural interaction between the light’s energy and the atoms in the diamond. Some diamonds (about 10%) fluoresce strongly enough so as to be somewhat noticeable in regular (incandescent) light. Generally, for very light yellow colour diamonds, fluorescence is considered to be beneficial since it makes the diamond appear whiter.