Celebration Pieces

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The birth of a baby, anniversaries, graduation – memorable milestones in life that deserve to be celebrated. While Affinity specialises in diamond engagement rings, clients are increasingly requesting celebration pieces to mark these life achievements.

Traditionally a complete band of small diamonds encircling the finger, eternity rings have long been popular as a gift representing undying love between partners. Often given on the first anniversary of a marriage, they are usually worn on the left hand above the engagement ring, and are designed to complement the style of both engagement and wedding rings.

“Push” presents are almost expected for the modern-day man to present his partner following the birth of a child. Gemstone studded pendants, right-hand rings and earrings are all popular choices, and very appreciated by deserving Mums!

Whatever your special occasion, Affinity  can work with you to create the perfect piece.

And while diamonds are always a favourite, coloured gemstones are gaining in popularity. Pink diamonds and sapphires are a gorgeous choice to mark the birth of a baby girl, while sparkling blue sapphires and aquamarines are top picks for the birth of a boy.

Birthstone-set jewellery is a great way to celebrate birthdays. Each month is represented by its own precious stone, and these can be used alone, or with other stones to create jewels of dazzling beauty and individuality. A traditional way of gifting someone with birthstones is with a “Mother’s Ring”  which contains the birthstone of each of her children.

Circular set pendants containing birthstones, often alternated with diamonds, are also gorgeous gifts for the birthday girl!