Healing Power of Diamonds

Did you know diamonds have healing powers?

PINK: A pink diamond has a soft vibration, compared to a white diamond.

WHITE: A white diamond is powerful and strong

YELLOW: A yellow diamond has a lot of special appeal to it. The moment you look at the yellow colour, it actually opens up your emotional center.

Lead designer,Surbhi Pandya, shared with us some of her insight!…With diamond, the most beautiful and amazing part is, it has the ability to delete or to erase obstructions in our emotions and thoughts and to bring about clarity of thought. I always say there is a real world, and there is an unreal world. For many of us, money and materialistic pleasures are the real world. In actual sense, this is an unreal world, but the actual world is something that is within yourself.… Diamonds strengthen the reality aspect of our human nature. They bring clarity or clearer vision to such an extent that one is able to make clearer perceptions of things.…

What’s your perspective?